Keep Your H2O Free of Bacteria

Schedule a backflow test for your residential or commercial property

Are you worried about backflow? When you have a reverse flow of dirty water going through your clean water lines, seek expert help from JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding, LLC right away. A certified backflow tester will come to your residential or commercial property, test your water lines and make sure your water is safe for consumption.

Backflow prevention is crucial for safe drinking water

Did you know that it’s required by law to perform backflow testing routinely in order to protect the city’s water supply from contaminants? If you have not scheduled a backflow test, you could face costly fines. Make sure your water is clean, not cloudy. Call JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding right now to perform a backflow test at your commercial property.

Don’t let contaminated water infect your water supply. Reach out to JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding for backflow testing. You can rely on us to make sure your drinking water is free of chemicals, toxins and bacteria.