Get the best looking yard on the block!

Believe it or not, there is an easy way to have a beautiful landscape all year round! Call us for Hydro-Seeding, we use a revolutionary seeding technique that will quickly transform your brown patches into green lawns.

Stop envying your neighbor and get the beautiful yard you’ve always wanted with help from JT Landscapes & HydroSeeding. Using our hydro-seeding method, we’ll:

  • Assess your soil and the mix needed
  • Spray carefully to ensure even coverage
  • Get your grass growing fast – usually within a week!

We offer two different options for hydro-seed mulch: Cellulose and Wood Fiber.

Cellulose: Our cellulose fiber is locally sourced and offers a great option for holding moisture and protecting the grass seeds.

Wood Fiber: If you are looking for increased moisture and erosion control, wood fiber mulch is the better option.

Benefits of Hydro-Seeding

Why you should choose Hydro-Seed

Traditional planting methods take time and money. If you want a beautiful landscape year-round that’s affordable, easy to maintain – choose Hydro-Seeding! With higher germination rates in five days or less (depending on climate), lusciously green grass will be yours within a week!


The custom-designed soil mix is the key to nutrient efficiency. JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding can help you get better seed germination with their soil matching services. They will use a mixture that is best suited for your property so it doesn’t reject what should be nourishing!


Hydro-Seeding is a revolutionary method that holds water better than traditional seeding methods. The process not only uses high quality seed without any weed seeds, but also can be customized to meet your specific needs! With JT’s Hydro-Seeding services, you’ll have beautiful lawns all year long—without having spent hours each week taking care of them yourself.


Some of the projects we have worked on

What Our Customers Say

James Teffer is a great guy and very professional. He did a great job getting our landscaping done! He is 5 star!
Arif Khan

No matter how big your lawn is, or which style you wish your yard to be in, these guys know everything about it already. I appreciate your professional individual approach. It looks lovely.

Daniel Moore

When you have a career and a house to look for, there is not much time left for yard work. Keeping it was hectic for me, but right now I can order these services and finally relax! Great job!

Amelia Jones