The Grass Is Always Greener With JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding

Call now for residential or commercial hydro-seeding services

Do you want to know the secret to having a beautiful landscape year-round? Your lawn needs hydro-seed. Using the unique hydro-seeding method, the professional landscapers at JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding, LLC transform brown and bare-patched lawns into green, healthy yards.

Why choose hydro-seeding? Hydro-seeding is a cost-effective and quick way to get lusciously green grass on your residential or commercial property. Check out some of the advantages to hydro-seeding on our "Benefits of Hydro-Seeding" page.

Get the best-looking yard on the block

Stop envying your neighbor's lawn and get the beautiful yard you've always wanted with help from JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding. Using the hydro-seeding method, we'll:

  • Assess your property to determine the slurry needed for your soil
  • Spray the mixture carefully to ensure even exposure
  • Have green grass growing on your property within five to seven days

Reach out to JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding for hydro-seeding services. We complete small and medium-sized hydro-seeding projects on residential and commercial properties in the Twin Falls, ID area.