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JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding

ISA Certified Arborist

James Teffer is an ISA certified arborist. He has been in the industry for over 14 years and has experience managing many different types of tree projects. ISA certification is one of the highest certifications an arborist can attain and is often consulted in difficult cases and can use their large network to address any issues. James has worked on a multitude of projects - everything from a large Federal project in Oregon to helping homeowners correctly plants their trees.

Certified Arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care. They are committed to continuing their education by attending professional conferences, seminars, and workshops to maintain their knowledge base of best practices in maintaining healthy trees throughout North America. Call JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding to get an experienced arborist working for you!

Licensed Pesticide Applicator

JT Landscapes & Hydro-seeding has over 15 years of experience in pesticide application. We are experts in pest control, and we know how each type should be handled – whether it’s an infestation or just unhealthy plants or trees! Call Jim today to see what he or one of his trained professionals can do!

Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Installing automatic sprinklers is the best way to ensure that your entire yard will be watered evenly and efficiently. Call JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seed for all of your sprinkler needs. Having a sprinkler system that's not working can increase your water bill, harm the lawn and create other problems. Don't wait until these issues get worse! Reach out to us for repairs if you notice uneven water distribution, cracked sprinkler heads, or dripping control valves.

Backflow Testing

When was the last time you had your backflow preventer tested? JT Landscapes & Hydro-Seeding is here to help ensure that your family's drinking water never has a reverse flow of dirty or contaminated water. Our certified backflow testers will come out and make sure you're water is safe and clean!

It’s required by law to perform backflow testing routinely in order protect the city's water supply from contaminants, but if you haven't scheduled an appointment yet then it could be costly. Make sure your water is clear and free of chemicals, toxins and bacteria. You can rely on us when it comes time protect yourself from contaminated sources that could infect the integrity of our vital resource: water! Call Jim today to see what he or one of his trained professionals can do!